The company: an optimal combination of rich experience and refreshing innovation

C-DATA is the leading company in Israel in marketing standards, for the distribution of computing products, information security, communication and peripheral equipment of super brands, such as HP, DELL, Apple, Microsoft, ASUS, Symantec, Check Point, EMC, F5, CTERA, Veeam , VMWARE, McAfee, IOMEGA, Safe Net to the sub-marketers. The company is headed by a highly experienced management in the field of distributing computing products to sub-marketers in Israel. Alongside sales and service personnel from the leaders in the field, C-Data has a high-quality, professional and sophisticated team, the best of its kind in Israel.

The company has been operating since 2002 and our people bring with them years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the Israeli computing market. The combination of freshness and rich experience allows C-Data to set new standards of efficiency and innovation in distribution, and for our customers to enjoy unprecedented availability, speed and accessibility.

Why is C-DATA essential and significant for our customers?

The field of computer products and peripheral equipment is a frenetic field that changes quickly and frequently. In a world where products become obsolete within a few months, and prices are affected accordingly, availability, speed and accessibility are of critical importance. For our customers, shelf time and response time are measured in money, and in such competitive market conditions, the need for immediate marketing and distribution systems is acute.
C-DATA is a dynamic bridge between the production and import systems and the sub-marketers: the dealers, retailers and integrators. The company provides optimal marketing solutions to the sub-marketers and allows them to maintain reasonable gaps with the final consumer. The power of C-DATA saves our customers a lot of money, and gives them significant advantages over their competitors and their customers.

The secret of success: unprecedented availability, speed and accessibility

C-DATA's marketing and distribution system includes approximately eighty marketing, sales, distribution and flexible and energetic logistics personnel. These are entrusted to fulfill the company's commitment and mission, and to provide the highest quality and professional service with maximum availability, speed and accessibility. The company maintains an ongoing relationship with a leading shipping company in the field, which allows us to reach any point in Israel within 24 hours, even on Fridays and holiday eves. The focus on super brands guarantees quality, uncompromising professionalism and sophistication, which is required in the dynamic computing field of the 21st century.‎


The safe choice: distribution of information and communication security products

Also in the field of distribution of security products, C-DATA sets new standards of efficiency, service and speed. The unique division markets the products of the leading information security and communication companies in their field, among them: Check Point, Safe Net, F5 and more. Thanks to the catch
Our Added Distributor Value, our customers enjoy full support at every stage: training, technical support before and after the purchase and assistance in implementation and assimilation, expert workshops from abroad, consulting and marketing assistance.‎


And that's not all: innovative value-added solutions that complete the picture

C-DATA Professional services is a complementary service to C-DATA's high-quality product series. The service offers value-added solutions, which opens up new sales options for our customers and allows them to offer a variety of services at an international level. The service allows marketers to expand the volume of sales and services they offer to their customers, both for marketers who cannot provide these services themselves, and as an independent and complementary partner, for marketers with their own services. In the current situation, where many companies are considering using outsourcing services, C-DATA is considered in the industry as the first dedicated professional services distributor, providing a central focus for all service requirements. At a time when interest in open standard software is increasing, the profit in offering a total solution to the end user is increasing.

For customers engaged in technical support, consulting and installation, security audits or managed security solutions, the series of professional services of C-DATA Professional Services makes it possible to offer their customers a solution that includes, among other things, installation, support and hardware warranty.

Your address for efficient and fast service

We at C-DATA understand the importance of a fast response time for you. We are aware of your precious time and make sure that you always stay with a "finger on the pulse". This is precisely why the C-DATA website was established. Our website is a unique platform that allows you, the marketer, to enjoy a wealth of promotions, stock availability, delivery times, price offers, product comparison, placing orders, technical information and marketing, and more.

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