Terms of Use

General and warranty

•1. The site is a virtual store operated by Computer Data Ltd., 43 Sapivim Street, Petah Tikva (hereinafter: "the Company").

• 2. Purchase through the Company's website is to the Company's customers (the "Purchaser"), subject to the terms specified in these Articles.

• 3. The company makes great efforts to protect surfers / users and users of the site against existing risks by using the Internet. Notwithstanding that stated, it is not possible to create absolute protection and the Company or other service providers on the site shall not be liable for any damages and / or losses of any kind that may be caused as a result of browsing and / or use of the site, unavailability of the site or lack of availability of this service or other.

• 4. Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, it should be clarified that surfers and users will not have claims, claims and / or demands against the Company in respect of any damage, loss, payment, expense or loss of profit caused to them by use of the various services. It is also emphasized that the Company shall not bear any responsibility for any damage, including indirect, consequential or non-pecuniary damage caused, if any, to the User due to the provision and / or non-provision of all or part of the Services.

• 5. Insofar as the site contains various software for downloading, the Company and / or any other service provider on the Website and / or the Software Manufacturer will not be liable for any damages that may be caused as a result of downloading the said software and / or due to the use of such software.

• 6. Insofar as the Site allows the transfer and / or publication of messages and / or other materials by surfers or other commercial entities, such messages will be the sole responsibility of the surfers and / or the advertising initiators. The Company shall not bear any liability for messages and / or various materials which will be published on the site not on its behalf.

• 7. The Company reserves the right to remove and / or modify and / or edit any material and / or message that appears on the Site at its sole discretion.

• 8. The Company is not responsible for the contents and / or services that will appear on other sites linked to the Site. In addition, it is not responsible for the contents and / or services that will be published on the site as part of these and other advertisements of commercial or other entities.

• 9. The User hereby acknowledges that he is aware that technical malfunctions may occur which will prevent and / or disrupt the use of the Site and that the Company shall not bear any responsibility for such malfunctions.

• 10. The Company apologizes in advance for referring to the male language on the site, all of the provisions of these regulations in masculine form also means female and vice versa, as the case may be.

• 11. The purchase through the site constitutes the consent of the surfer to the terms specified on the site and exposure to the contents of the site is the sole responsibility of the surfer. The buyer / surfer declares and approves and that he and / or anyone acting on his behalf will have no claim and / or claim, directly and / or indirectly, against the site and / or any of its factories and / or its owners and / or anyone on their behalf.

• 12. Hereby declare and certify that he has received the consent of the Commissioner / the person responsible for him (including his guardian and / or his / her guardian and / or his / her legal guardian) and / or any other party requiring the consent of a third party for the purpose of making a purchase and / His parents and / or the person appointed by law) for the purpose of making purchases and / or other actions on this site.

• 13. The management of the site reserves the right to change from time to time the terms of use, purchase of the products, including the terms of the regulations at its sole discretion.

• 14. All products sold on the Company's website are offered to the purchasers for purchase at the stated price and in accordance with the terms of the purchase and / or the terms of operation specified at the time on the site. It should be emphasized that there are no special offers on the site.

• 15. The responsibility for the operation of the products is in accordance with the warranty certificate attached to the product. The responsibility is that of the body signed only on the warranty certificate.

• 16. It is hereby clarified and agreed that the Company shall not be liable for direct and / or indirect damage or any damage caused to any body resulting from the use of the Site.

• 17. Insofar as the Company incurs damages as a result of the use of the Website by the Purchaser / Surfer, the above shall indemnify and indemnify the Company immediately for any such damage, including for legal expenses incurred by the Company.

way of payment

• 18. The prices shown on the site do not include VAT.

• 19. The price of a product appearing on the site in US dollars or in other foreign currency shall be paid in shekels according to the known exchange rate of the dollar or of the other foreign currency (as published by the Bank of Israel).

• 20. Prices do not include shipping which will be charged separately in accordance with the provisions of these regulations.

• 21. Payment will be made directly to the company.

• 22. Purchase on the site is subject to receipt of approval from the credit card company to execute the transaction and / or purchase of the service.

• 23. When purchasing service packages on the site, the buyer will be required to enter into the system various personal details, including: ID number or CP number, first name and last name or full company name, phone number (and cell phone number if possible) Full e-mail address, and other details as may be required from time to time at its sole discretion.

• 24. The User hereby authorizes the Company to maintain and / or make use of the personal information that has been entered into the System in order to contact him and / or for other purposes arising from the engagement between the parties.

• 25. Entering false information is a criminal offense. Against a user who will provide false information, legal proceedings may be taken.

• 26. It is agreed that the Company will not be liable for errors in the transaction resulting from the introduction of incorrect details into the system.

• 27. It is agreed that the registration performed by the Company (including the website) will constitute evidence of everything related to the execution of the transaction.

• 28. In the event that a product is purchased in installments, the purchaser will be required to pay the interest, at the time of the purchase, insofar as this is a credit transaction.


• 29. The products offered on the Site from time to time, including promotions, benefits, discounts and special offers, will be subject to the terms and conditions set by the Company in relation to any Product, at its sole discretion. The Company may terminate and / or change the terms of the purchase and the other operations as aforesaid, at any time and subject to the sole discretion of the Company.

• 30. The pictures of the products displayed on the Company's website are for illustration purposes only and do not bind the Company for all intents and purposes.

• 31. Company

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